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Shut down your computer.
Quick Info:
version: 1.6
date: 28.02.2004
os: 98/Me/2000/XP
size: 63 KB
license: Freeware
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A.F.1 Shut down your computer

ScreenshotA.F.1 shuts down your computer.

After starting A.F.1, you have 3 seconds to cancel the shut down process.

Other features:

  • You can adjust the number of seconds A.F.1 waits before shutting down.
  • You can use A.F.1 to place your computer into standby or hibernate mode.


New features in this release:

  • Option to enter standby or hibernate mode.

Note: The current version of A.f.1 is no longer compatible with Windows 95 and Windows NT. Users of these operating systems can download the older version 1.5 from the Download page.

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