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Replace any bytes in any files with A.F.9


Here are short descriptions of the tools and utilities. If you are interested in one of the programs, click on its icon to get more information.

File utilities

more information about A.F.5 A.F.5 Rename your files
Use various easy-to-use functions to rename hundreds of files in a few seconds.
more information about A.F.6 A.F.6 Split your files
Split large files into several parts. Use the file bar to click your file into pieces. 
more information about A.F.7 A.F.7 Merge your files
Merge several files into one single file.
more information about A.F.9 A.F.9 Replace some bytes
Replace strings or any other bytes in your files. Use characters, decimal values or hexadecimal values for your search and replace arguments.


System tools

If you agree that 3 or even 4 mouse clicks are to much for just shutting down your computer, take a look at the following programs.

more information about A.F.1 A.F.1 Shut down your computer
closes the Windows operating system and shuts down your computer.
more information about A.F.2 A.F.2 Restart your computer
closes the Windows operating system and restarts your computer.
more information about A.F.3 A.F.3 Restart the Windows GUI
restarts the Windows graphical user interface only.
more information about A.F.4 A.F.4 Reboot your computer
performs a warm reboot in DOS.
You can get the most out of A.F.1, A.F.2, and A.F.3 if you create a shortcut on your desktop to each program. After that assign a shortcut-key on their property page. Now you can easily restart and shut down by a double-click on the corresponding icon, or by typing the appropriate key combination.



more information about A.F.8 A.F.8 Digital Clock
add a customizable clock with alarm function to your desktop. Use it as a clock, countdown timer, reminder or stopwatch.




Add a custom clock to your desktop with A.F.8